Fresh Freestyle is 99 Freestyle Practices for Triathletes & Swimmers that will help you


  • Improve your swimming for triathlons 
  • Continue improving your skills after taking lessons 
  • Get clear guidance on what to practice on your own
  • Avoid practicing the wrong technique
  • Provide variety & insight while you improve endurance and speed. 
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What People are Saying…

“Since I have started using these swim practices not only have I set PRs in multiple distances, I have also improved the quality and my satisfaction in my swim sessions.”

Kirsten Sass

World Champion Triathlete, 2015

“The progression of focal points helped me to stay mindful during the swim without getting overwhelmed. I love when my swim becomes like another form of meditation while still helping me improve my form.

my initial reaction is all positive. I love the overall structure of the book, and the content of the individual workouts that I’ve read. Knowing the purpose of the workout is a real motivator for me.”

Keith Cumpston

Age Group Triathlete & Cyclist

Fall into Fast

Finding the sensation of falling forward in freestyle can be difficult. The mind is often uncomfortable giving in to feeling this way, mostly because the air feels so much further away. In a recent lesson at the Discovery Aquatics Studio, we explored the impact of the...


Today I spent time in the open water with one of my favorite athletes. She started with hardly any swim experience, a fear of deep water, very little kinesthetic awareness and a huge desire to learn. Her persistence and dedication has her making progress in leaps and...

Moving Through the Practice – Swim with Clarity

I love swimming, but I don’t always want to go and swim. There are times when I think about going swimming but find my thoughts are I dialed in on cold. Being cold, feeling cold, the last time I was cold. So, I don’t think about the before. I plug it into my calendar...

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