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Fresh Freestyle is 99 Freestyle Practices for Triathletes & Swimmers that will help you


  • Improve your swimming for triathlons 
  • Continue improving your skills after taking lessons 
  • Get clear guidance on what to practice on your own
  • Avoid practicing the wrong technique
  • Provide variety & insight while you improve endurance and speed. 
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What People are Saying…

“Since I have started using these swim practices not only have I set PRs in multiple distances, I have also improved the quality and my satisfaction in my swim sessions.”

Kirsten Sass

World Champion Triathlete, 2015

“The progression of focal points helped me to stay mindful during the swim without getting overwhelmed. I love when my swim becomes like another form of meditation while still helping me improve my form.

my initial reaction is all positive. I love the overall structure of the book, and the content of the individual workouts that I’ve read. Knowing the purpose of the workout is a real motivator for me.”

Keith Cumpston

Age Group Triathlete & Cyclist

Swim Workouts that Give and Receive

The frosty mornings are here on the northern hemisphere, and who doesn’t cringe just a little at the thought of diving into a cold pool first thing in the morning to get your day started? Well I do…which is why I prefer to swim mid day when possible. My...

Race Report: XTerra World Championship

The Xterra World Championship off-road triathlon was held in Kapalua, Maui on October 29, 2017 and I was there to compete for my 5th time. For you readers who are not familiar with Xterra, it is off-road triathlon which means swimming that includes a mid-swim run...

Ave atque vale, Terry Laughlin

Hail and Farewell. This week we have cried, reminisced, laughed, and cried all over again. Our friend, mentor and inspiration Terry Laughlin passed away on Friday October 20th after living with metastatic prostate cancer for two years. Throughout the time we have...

Breaking Free From Self-Imposed Limitations

It is easy to burden yourself with a perception that you can’t do something, or you are not good enough. And in fact these perceptions can have us trapped in a false reality…..you begin to believe these self-imposed limits. You may feel trapped or frustrated at being...

Are you Acting Like a Tourist?

Entrepreneur, writer and business man Seth Godin wrote this blog : “Transformational tourism ‘I bought the diet book, but ate my usual foods.’ ‘I filled the prescription, but didn’t take the meds.’ ‘I took the course…well, I watched the videos…but I didn’t do the...

Pace Yourself

It’s spring! It is easy in January to be energized about the swim or triathlon season and set some ambitious goals. But we all benefit from being realistic. About now is the true test. Did you bite off more than is realistic given your life schedule only to now...

Swim Narrow Minded

Swim Narrow Minded Swim narrow minded means to swim with a focus of feeling narrow in the water. It would be more accurate to swim narrow bodied. The idea here is to reduce drag by imagining you are moving through a narrow tube in the water. Close your eyes as you...

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