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Moving Through the Practice – Swim with Clarity | Fresh Freestyle

Keystone-_Lake_1I love swimming, but I don’t always want to go and swim. There are times when I think about going swimming but find my thoughts are I dialed in on cold. Being cold, feeling cold, the last time I was cold. So, I don’t think about the before. I plug it into my calendar that I swim on “x” day at “x” time. Then not think about whether or not I will go. It is like brushing my teeth, I don’t debate if I will brush my teeth, I just do it.

Next, I plan out what I will do on each swim day by jotting down an outline. This comes easy to me as a coach. Yet I know this may not come easy to others, how to organize, what to do, there are so many options, which is the right thing to do?

This is why we created Fresh Freestyle. To take the guess work out of what to do, how to do it, so swimmers will have the confidence of moving in the right direction-literally! You save mental energy
Each swim is an opportunity to learn and be curious. Not look for nor expect perfection. The more relaxed you can be with your swimming, the more enjoyable the experience for one, but you will also learn quicker, your body will absorb each practice, and you get to connect with your body.

Arrive at each practice calm and clear. Take a few deep breathes before you get started. Review the entire practice and be clear what you would like to gain from it. Be familiar with the drills and skills in the practice so you are not guessing poolside. Get yourself some waterproof paper and pencil to write your practice on as well as keep notes. You will find keeping notes on the swim as you go helpful. I know many swimmers use watches like Garmin to keep track of the swims. But nothing like counting strokes and noting times in real time-that is to say-as you go!

Post swim, take a few moments to review your swim notes and sensations, what is fresh on your mind. Jot this down as soon as possible so things don’t get lost as you transition from swim back to the outside world.

Once you have digested this swim, you are ready for the next!