Coach Suzanne and I recently had a little q and a about coaching athletes. I asked her, in general, what workout do athletes tend to skip? Here was her response:

‘The one they need the most! It differs from athlete to athlete – it may be swim technique and they instead swim long, or it may be skipping the long bike ride and subbing it with a run with friends. People will tend to do more of what they like. If time is short they will skip the workout that is most unfamiliar or challenging.’

I think we can all relate! When it comes to swimming there are even more excuses we can use to justify skipping that workout. It may be dark when we go to the pool, dark and cold even! Getting into the cold water, dealing with chlorine scented skin and wet hair, or the loud water aerobics class, or the busy lane, or simply not knowing what to do in your pool time.

It can be easy to fall back on these excuses and skip that swim session. But what are you missing out on in the long term?

You could be missing a faster time at your next race, an easier swim at your next race, a sense of accomplishment by nailing that workout, exercising your heart and lungs for longer term health, exercising your mind by facing that area of your stroke that is a challenge, feeling a nice low impact stretch to work out kinks from yesterdays run or ride or simply you may miss checking off that box that makes your weeks training balanced.

I challenge you to put the pros in front of the cons and get swimming! Fresh Freestyle has many practices to eliminate the question of what to do once you get to the pool, with easy to follow instructions and color images to enhance your pool time.

Make a date with a buddy, and challenge yourselves to complete 2 practices per week. And of course let us know how you get on!

Coach Dinah

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