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Swim Better Freestyle with arm Width, Depth and Direction | Fresh Freestyle

practice-30     Freshie Antonia Winstanley asked for an image to go with practice #30. So here it is.

Practice #30 is about the direction, width, and depth of the recovery hand as it re-enters the water. Send the hand in, slightly down, and most importantly forward.  The high side hip sends the hand/arm forward as it rotates, but stay aware of the extending arms width, direction, and depth on this practice. Four aspects of the arm as it re-enters are:

  1. Send it straight. Send the arm straight, keep it as wide as the shoulder, so don’t let it cross over as it extends, ride parallel tracks.
  2. Slope the arm. Slope the arm down then hold it there. You may send it down but then it could swoop or scoop up. Be sure to continue that slope.
  3. Drop it down. Send it directly there. Another common problem is the arm re-enters to shallow then slowly drifts down to the width and depth, which I like to call the elevator effect. Send it directly to 12 inches under the water.
  4. Extend forward.  Be sure to ride it out by going forward as opposed to going immediately into the catch.

Keep it simple. Feel the arm by swimming 3-4 strokes with your eyes closed. This gets you into your body and heightens your awareness. Give it a go and let us know how you get along.