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Swim Narrow Minded | Fresh Freestyle

Swim Narrow Minded

Swim narrow minded means to swim with a focus of feeling narrow in the water. It would be more accurate to swim narrow bodied. The idea here is to reduce drag by imagining you are moving through a narrow tube in the water. Close your eyes as you swim. Can you imagine swimming through a tube and keeping your body narrow as you move through it so you won’t hit the sides? Can you feel yourself compact yet loose? Of course, there are no sides, but imagine if your leg stuck out too wide in your tube you would feel drag. Drag may feel like a heaviness, a feeling of resistance or you may feel yourself slow down.

Have you ever stuck your hand out the window of a moving car? When your hand is inside the car you don’t feel any resistance, but stick your hand out and whooooosh! Pressure, force and your hand gets pushed back. It is similar in swimming; your head tilted up, the legs dropping down or a big bend in the knee and draaaggg is created. In other words, you slow down.

But yes, to be streamlined in the water, swim with narrow minded bodiness by swimming through that imaginary narrow tube in the water. You want to feel the hips at the surface, the depth of the lead arm-not too high and not too low- all move through a tube no wider than the widest part of your body. For me, I imagine one of those tube like slides we see these days at the playgrounds.

So, keep your mind focused on feeling narrow, by keeping your bits and pieces, especially your legs, inside the width of your body. When you do, you will find yourself slipping through the water with less drag and therefore less effort. You just may find yourself also going a little bit faster because of it!