We are excited to announce details for our Fresh Freestyle Interseason Training Camp in Clermont Florida, October 6-7.

In this two day camp, coaches and athletes will have the opportunity to learn the Fresh Freestyle TripleQ™ system to improve swimming and performance for the upcoming season. Fresh Freestyle delivers quality swim education by integrating Technical Intelligence™, Physical Intelligence™ and Emotional Intelligence™.

For each of these three facets you will learn practical methods to assess current skills as well as how to plan a pathway forward. This camp will have a particular emphasis on improving neuromuscular awareness, connection and evaluation – Technical Intelligence™, and its application to interseason training.

Check out the camp page here for details and schedule:

Fresh Freestyle Interseason Training Camp – Clermont Florida, October 2018

We are also excited to announce that this camp is a USAT approved continuing education course. Certified coaches can claim 10 CEUs – come learn and earn with us!

Hope to see y’all soon!